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Rural Cambs Citizens Advice Bureau covers East Cambridgeshire, Fenland and Huntingdonshire

The main offices are at:
St Neots

We are funded to advise people resident or working within this, or the immediately surrounding area.  Please use the link below to check that you qualify.

In our area?

If you are outside our area please try the Citizens Advice search to find an alternative.

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St Neots bureau

To save yourself time and possible inconvenience, you might want to look on-line for an answer to your enquiry, before visiting or phoning us.

CAB Portacabin
Tan Yard Car Park
St Neots
PE19 1AN   
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From 1st June 2016 our Drop-in opening hours are : 
           9:30 am to 12:30 pm  Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
(whilst no appointment is necessary the sessions are subject to number of volunteers available
and may have to close early

We operate a 'Gateway' system, where you will have an initial, short, assessment interview.  A very simple enquiry may be answered at this stage but, for anything more complex, you will be given an appointment for a full interview.  This will either be later the same day or on another day, in the afternoon.
Please note that we may have to close our doors before 12:30 if demand for our service is exceptional.

(Advice Helpline:
0344 245 1292 (Monday to Friday 09:30 to 15:30)

Advice via email: 
Please follow this link to get advice by email
Specialist services (by appointment, following a generalist interview)
  • Money Advice